Quit Your Desk Job Edition:

WNYC: If You Think Manhattan is Pricey, Try Buying Farmland Near New York City

There is a growing interest in—you can feel it and see it in New York City, for sure, but all around the country—in young people wanting to farm, wanting to be outside, to really have an active lifestyle, and an active career, through farming. Farmers steward, currently, about 1 billion acres of land in the United States, which is about half of the land area in total. And 63% of that land is operated by farmers that are ages 55 and older. So that land is bound to transition—it's going to change hands in the next 20 to 30 years. So, finding ways in which young people can gain access to that land at an affordable price and be able to build successful and economically viable farm businesses is a very important issue, and is likely one of the biggest hurdles the nation faces if we want to continue the success of our family farms.
-Lindsey Schute